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Have you searched ‘buy weed online’ or a similar phrase into Google and were flooded with site after site, page after page promising to sell you the best weed you can find in Canada? Or the cheapest? 


You’ve probably already done your research and compared Online Cannabis Dispensaries or one of those types of people that shop from different locations to physically test their touted product for your self.  

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Since the recent legalization of recreational Cannabis in Canada, we’ve seen a huge explosion of Online Weed Dispensaries pop up everywhere. You can smell it in the air even as you walk down any bustling street or at your nearby park.  You’ve might of even smelled some lingering from your neighbors. 


As a consumer, it can be hard to find the right product that fits your needs, is from a safe and secure location that won’t compromise your digital well being and peace of mind, and is of a premium cut. 


Most experienced, savvy shoppers tend to apply the same practice they do when online shopping when shopping at physical locations, which is through a lens of scrutiny and common sense.  You should be actively practicing this too.  Here’s a guideline that you can follow to ensure that you fully optimize your experience as an online shopper.


1.Check reviews

This is a no-brainer and is usually the first thing people look at when shopping for online products.  Treat Online Cannabis Dispensaries no different in this aspect and look at the reviews for both the business and website, as well their individual products.  Is there a review system in place? If not, this can be a red flag to look out for.  Do they have a Google Business Directory with reviews in place? Facebook page? What’s their average rating score?  What do customers say about their products? 

Buy weed online, Dispensary, Cannabis, Marijuana, xpressbud, express bud

These are all questions you should be asking yourself so that you can make an informed consumer decision when shopping online.  If you take the time to read over customer reviews, also check to see if the reviews are fake.  What do they actually say? Does it make sense as a customer or does it look like the review was paid for to fluff their overall rating.  To learn about how to spot fake reviews, check out this article by


2. Ask for a friend’s opinion

Buy weed online, Dispensary, Cannabis, Marijuana, xpressbud, express bud

Friends are a great place to get an opinion about a place or product before trying it out yourself, just keep in mind that they may come off as a bit biased depending on whether they really love the place or really hate it. 


It’s also good practice to ask from a few friends to get a diversified opinion and recommendation, that way if you end up trying and disliking one of the recommendations, you have more to try!


3. Read the website’s FAQ

It’s important to learn about the little details when agreeing to anything, and buying weed online is no different.  Make sure you’ve familiarize yourself with a company’s policy, terms & conditions, and FAQ before making any committed decision – remember, this is your hard earned cash you’re going to be parting ways with! 


Ensure that you’ve got a firm understanding of the website’s packaging and shipping policy, methods of payment and any instructions required by you to follow, return policy and more.  


4.  Is the website safe, secure and functional?

Online Weed Dispensary, Cannabis, Marijuana, xpressbud, express bud

The last thing you want to do when buying weed online is having to go through a harrowing process of navigating the company’s website due to a clunky store UI, improperly listed products, slow load times or simply not usable on anything other than a desktop.  You definitely don’t want to be entering your credit number and personal information on a un-secure website.  First, ensure the website is SSL enabled.  You can determine this by looking at your URL address bar on top of your browser and looking for a lock icon, as well as ‘https’ prefixing the web address (shown below).

Buy Weed Online - SSL image - Buy weed online, Dispensary, Cannabis, Marijuana, xpressbud, express bud



This will tell you that SSL(Secure Socket Layer) is properly configured and website data is fully encrypted, which means that when you enter your personal information into the website for it to be processed, you can rest assured that it too, will be safely encrypted.


Here at Xpressbud, we not only strive to give you the best experience when shopping online on any device, we ensure that all of your data and online activity when using our website and services are completely secure and safe as we take your online peace of mine seriously.  Everything is completely encrypted and we work to keep discretion as our number 1 priority.


5. Use Common Sense

The points listed in this blog are simply guidelines to help you as a consumer make a smart, informed decision when buying cannabis online and to help you avoid the many pitfalls associated in doing so.  There may be other tips and tricks you can take to further assist you in your online shopping endeavor;  for now though, stay safe and make the right choice.



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